Fiora's Black Book

Francis Herrera, Patrick Herrera, Marianna Herrera, Hélène Herrera, Linda Herrera, Helenio Herrera Jr., Amparo Herrera, Maria Herrera, Marta Herrera, Carla Herrera, Andrea Herrera, Josechu Carralero Herrera, Helios Herrera, Luna Herrera and Fiora Gandolfi Herrera declare that Mrs Maria Susana Pimentel Romero is not a member of our family.
Following the death of my husband, Helenio Herrera on the 9 November 1997, Maria Susana Pimental – born in the Dominican Republic, pedicurist by profession – mounted a press campaign against me. She fabricated documents that presented her as the legitimate daughter of Helenio Herrera with the aim of obtaining a share of the family inheritance.
On several occasions, Susana Pimentel followed me through the streets of Venice accompanied by a 'bodyguard' in order to intimidate me. I was kicked, and pushed against a wall; my arms, already weakened by several operations, suffered as a result.
The Questore di Venezia (police commissioner of Venice), Dr Fulvio Della Rocca, suggested reporting this to the Police Headquarters in San Lorenzo, but I was told nothing could be done to prevent this harassment because of “lack of evidence”.
Thanks to a programme broadcast by the Italian state television (RAI 3) this story came to an end.
I am deeply grateful to Andrea Vianello for his help in this matter.

On 19 May 2010, the journalist Massimiliano Cortivo published an interview in the Corriere del Veneto in which he misquoted me, writing entire sentences between quotation marks that do not correspond with what I actually said. This defamatory article was a striking example of libel.
Furthermore, many non-local journalists believed what Cortivo had written simply because he and I live a few metres away from each other in the same city, Venice. Massimiliano Cortivo’s unacceptable and unethical behaviour has cast a sinister shadow on my personality.

Maria Susana Pimentel Romero
Any articles or videos on the Internet featuring Maria Susana Pimentel Romero (Susi Pimentel) should not be taken seriously. Depending on how the mood takes her, Pimentel will claim to be the daughter, granddaughter, grandmother, aunt, or mother of Fiora Gandolfi and Helenio Herrera.
The French document below is proof of the legal bonds between Fiora Gandolfi and Helenio Herrera, Fiora Gandolfi and her ex-husband Giustino Gasbarri, and Helenio Herrera and his ex-wife Lucienne Leonard.
Claims by anyone else to have been married to Helenio Herrera are false, and most probably the rantings of a pathological liar.

Pimentel's Scams
Susy Pimentel was seen by the daughters of Signora Galati (Luna's teacher) copying data from documents concerning the real estate properties of the Herrera family. Her intention was to carry out scams in Venice where, in a period of just a few years, she has been married three times.

Alessandro Sallusti e Il Giornale 2010
Alessandro Sallusti, director of Il Giornale, submitted a grave defamation case from prison. This is not an isolated incident. In fact, on May 19, 2010 Il Giornale published a defamatory article about me, written by Marino Smiderle.
My lawyer in Venice, Agnese Gemin, sent a letter asking that emendations be made to the discrediting article in question. Neither response nor apology have been received from either the journalist Smiderle or the Director, Sallusti.

On the 26th of August in Ljubljana the first hearing for defamation was held, brought by Fiora Gandolfi and her lawyer Ceferin against the publication Ambient which forms part of the large publication chain Delo. 5 years ago, in Issue 66 of Ambient, a 5-page article with photos was published without authorization in which the person of Fiora Gandolfi and her household was defamed, inventing details and hateful conduct that bear no relation to objective reality. The decorations in Fiora Gandolfi’s house were intentionally damaged in order to obtain photographs that gave credit to this distortion of the facts presented.

Querini Stampalia - Presentation of the book Maghi si diventa, 18.5.2012
On May 18, 2012, the Fondazione Querini Stampalia, Venice, held a presentation of my book Maghi si diventa. Several speeches were given at this event. These included Gianni di Luigi's examination of the parallels between football and theatre, some anthropological reflections on football by Cesare Poppi; and Prof. Giorgio Conti spoke about football as a metaphor for society.
I had made a verbal arrangement with Nicola Bustreo, who was undertaking a period of work experience at the Querini at the time. I entrusted him to be the sole person responsible for photographing and filming the event, and paid him for his work.
However, he has not responded to my messages and calls since the event, and he appears to have changed his place of employment and is untraceable.

Oppression Spreads in Silence
In too many countries in the world, too often we see people on the hunt for ‘fresh meat’. It is our duty to act, to speak out and publicly humiliate the individuals concerned. When we meet them in the street, in a hotel lift, it is our duty as global citizens to act. Make your voice heard, and speak up for the victims who cannot speak up for themselves.

Ratti Venezia
Per oltre 40 anni la famiglia Gandolfi-Herrera ha acquistato per sé e per le abitazioni dei figli elettrodomestici presso Ghegin Chirignago e Ratti Venezia.
L’ultimo acquisto è stato un frigorifero di alta gamma, il 13 maggio 2013. I due addetti di Ratti che lo hanno consegnato al piano hanno fatto cadere, rompendola, una preziosa coppa di ceramica di Nove. Inoltre, si sono rifiutati di prelevare il vecchio frigorifero e di portarlo in discarica per lo smaltimento, come prescrive la legge (l’art. 6, c. 1, lett. b del d.lgs. n. 151 del 25.07.2005).
Abbiamo scritto invano a Marino Bombassei, proprietario e gestore di Ratti Venezia, per il risarcimento del danno subito.
Suggeriamo questa interessante lettura: http://www.laleggepertutti.it/
Quando si acquista un elettrodomestico, il rivenditore è obbligato a ritirare gratuitamente quello vecchio di cui ci si deve disfare, indipendentemente dal fatto che l’apparecchio obsoleto sia stato a suo tempo venduto da un altro soggetto. È comunque tenuto a farlo solo perché è stato comprato un nuovo apparecchio. (…) È bene sapere che il rivenditore è obbligato per legge e, se si rifiuta di ritirare l’apparecchio elettrico o elettronico a titolo gratuito, è punibile con una sanzione amministrativa da 150 a 400 euro per ciascuna apparecchiatura non ritirata o ritirata a titolo oneroso (art. 16, c. 1 del d.lgs. n. 151 del 25.07.2005).
Allego qui la fattura d’acquisto del frigorifero, la fattura della ditta che ha portato al piano terra il vecchio frigo, e la fattura Veritas per lo smaltimento definitivo.