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Wearable Art

Fiora Gandolfi, who has reported on fashion for over 40 years with her witty articles and illustrations has also developed the theme of fashion as wearable art. She is convinced that color and form worn on the human body expresses artistic values, and has created and exhibited her creations in a number of venues.
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Feel Felt Felt

An exhibition of clothing and accessories in Venetian felt and hand-dyed silk.
29 30 31 October 2015 Galerie éof, Paris.
With Romina Dogliani


Feel Felt Felt

29 30 31 October 2015 - Paris, Galerie éof, exhibition with Romina Dogliani


April 2012 - Venezia, Campiello de la cason

Natural innatural

December 2009 - Paris, Galerie éof, exhibition with Romina Dogliani

Ma Ladive

27th September 2005, 9.00pm - Paris, Théâtre de Ménilmontant, Performance of the "Ma Ladive" by Hubert Michel

Continental Breakfast

3rd September 2004 - Ljubljana, Sloveni - Lapidarium of the Ljubljana Castle Costumes for the performance Continental Breakfast by Emanuela Marassi - Music: Puccio Migliaccio - Actress: Sara Alzetta

Venezia Transgenica

14th December 2004 - Paris, Galerie éof - "Venezia Transgenica" with Renata Mihelic.

Waste Victims

February 2004 - Venice, Galleria A+A, "Waste Victims" with Renata Mihelic.
Inspired, as Bruno Rosada said, by T. S. Eliot's The Waste Land, these are clothes made from unwanted remnants and castoffs just as Eliot's poetry is made of poetic scraps collected here and there from variuos authors.

Reflets de Venise

September 2002 - Perpignan, Pix méditerranée alla Galerie Thérèse Roussel, Reflets de Venise, di Fiora Gandolfi

Wearable Art

May - June 1998 - Trieste, Galleria Studio Tommaseo

Superfluous is Necessary

January 1998 - Venice, Galleria Materia Prima Art and Crafts

Wearing Art

July 1997 - Venice, Palagraziussi

Landscape Handbags and Painted Books

May 1997 - Lubiana, Mestni trg


May-June 1989 - San Stae, Venice: Ieri Attualità “L’ABITO DA SPOSA NEL ‘900”

BALENCIAGA: Vestito da sposa di Carmen Martínez Bordiú, nipote di Francisco Franco, e Alfonso de Borbón, 1972.