Helenio's Football Boots

In March 2016, Fiora wrote to the mayor of Lampedusa offering to send two large boxes of Helenio Herrera’s football boots for the refugees arriving on the island. The mayor wrote back with the following letter.

Dear Signora Gandolfi,
I was very touched by your letter and even more so by your offer!
I am happy to accept your donation because I know that the young people rescued from the sea will be proud to wear the boots that belonged to a footballing legend, and because I appreciate the deeper meaning of your gift.
I hope that one day I will be able to thank you in person.
Kind regards,
Giuseppina Maria Nicolini.

Scarpe da calcio
Lettera dalla sindaco di Lampedusa
Helenio Herrera Helenio Herrera Helenio Herrera