L'UOMO by Iris Brosh

L’UOMO was a 9-day photography and film production held in Venice. The last day ended with a public performance for OPEN17, an exhibition of sculptures and installations on the island of San Servolo in the Venetian lagoon. Dante Alighieri’s masterpiece, The Divine Comedy, written in 1308 was the inspiration for this performance.
L’UOMO describes the world of the man; it is a warning for the 21st century. Since the beginning of civilisation, man has been the leader in arts, literature, culture and politics believing himself to be the centre of the world, god-like.
Our planet and the universe revolve around his masculine ideas that lead to the exploitation and demolition of nature, oceans and skies. He created a world of domination and violence. His feeling of superiority limits his own inner development. He is a prisoner of his own ideas.
He passes through different states, from Paradise to Purgatory and Hell. He is guided by his phallus and values power and dominance.
The man who lives for money is already dead.
His body is full of the blood of innocence, far from the lost Paradise.

Iris Brosch