with Iris Brosch
Venezia, Hotel Des Bains, August 2007
In this performance women of all ages and all countries want to show how women convey different values. Values that are archetypes of tolerance, beauty, understanding, tenderness, communication, listening.
The unclothed women in this performance are not aware of their nakedness because their bodies are like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, far from the idea of the sin. Eve, as it’s written in the Genesis, was dressed with grace.

At the beginning there was the goddess mother, symbol of fertility and growth.

They cannot give up colours and lights.

Afterwards the Greek culture of the rationalistic logos came along, with its cult of the phallus.

From there comes the myth of force, of violence, geometry, that saturates even today’s emancipated women politicians, who follow the male archetype of the abuse of power. To this tremendous world, in Italy we add the deceit of pari opportunità (equal opportunity) and quote rosa (the pink quota). It’s a world of deceptions and inequalities that crushes the feminine element existing in every human being, which is constituted of male and feminine chromosomes.

Women, facing the destruction of the universe, want to suggest a different model of society, more elastic, where blood, violence, torture, arms, destruction, abuse of power and dead have no place. Women together can change the world, and they must do it. Women have a different way of approaching knowledge and wisdom. They know that nature always follows its own course, that is unknowable, and always will.

Women found a lifestyle that leads to true reason, to the idea of nature, respect for love in all its meanings.

Women want true discovery of their body, not its commodification. In this present moment in history the feminine body and mind are dramatically crushed by a system that wants women to be more and more like ornaments, images, icons. Women do not want a world made in man’s image, men who have completely forgotten their feminine component. Today’s men reduce and crush the vital presence of women.

Even the aesthetic canons of the age we live in, the empire of the image, oppress the feminine presence. Today a skinny, anorexic human being has been invented, as never before in all of history, reduced to the extreme of its strength, thin like a rush, so that it does not occupy the male space, not even symbolically. Our universe is tragically dominated by Barbarians and by a culture that morally infibulates true femininity, never shown, never expressed in its pacific, constructive, aesthetic essence.

Men, descending from the Greek logos, in spite of all they have been doing for centuries, will never be able to get rid of us.

We follow the enlightening words of Giordano Bruno (1548-1600), the monk who was burnt alive in Rome by the Inquisition. In the XVI century, when in Europe the religious wars were raging, he proclaimed scandalously to the Dons of Oxford: «I am not man, not woman», as we can read in the following passage where he introduces himself: «(I am) Rouser of sleepers (...) not Italian, not English, not male, not woman, not bishop, neither prince (...) but citizen and servant of the world, son of Father Sun and Mother Earth».

Text by Fiora Gandolfi