with Iris Brosch
Venice, Performance at the Biennale of Architecture 2012
Violence or symbolic destruction of women?
It appears to be impossible to eradicate this violence because it is rooted not in passion or pathology as one would have us believe, but rather, it springs from cultural roots. In Italy, this year alone, the number of female victims has mounted to more than ninety women. In the last three years, the number of martyred women in the "bel paese" has reached the dreadful figure of 650 victims... women of any age who have dared to defy the will of men motivated by "love" that is more accurately characterized as possession... women reduced to the rank of "object". Mothers, wives, girls and old women attacked with knives or scissors, cut to pieces or massacred by stoning, shot to death, strangled with electrical cords, asphxiated with plastic bags, burned or dashed down to base of a cliff in the desire to disintegrate them physically... but even more so... symbolically. An Italian slaughter that... along with the thousands of female human beings massacred in every corner of our earth, at every hour of the day, represents, in an explicit way, the tragic fact that women who say "No!" to injustice and cruelty are seen as dangerous and deserving of annihilation.

Text by Fiora Gandolfi

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